Cascina dei Prapien Holiday Farm

Discovering this farmhouse means discovering the best of local gastronomy, welcomed in a rustic and warm environment
We also dive into a real agricultural context.
Infact it is an Educational Farm born from a specific educational project for schools from all over the world, where guests can participate in agricultural activities, discover in the field how food is produced and how animals live.
The visits are customized and set according to the age of the children, school programs or class projects.
The teachers will be able to choose 1 or 2 activities to perform during the day, or only one for the half-day.


RESTAURANT: Restaurant with traditional cuisine
GENERAL SERVICES: Educational farm, Wi-Fi, Disabled access, Panoramic point, Outdoor play area
THEY SPEAK: English, French



La Cascina dei prapien

Cascina dei Prapien
Regione Prapiano
13822 Mosso Santa Maria Valdilana (BI)

Tel +39 015.756693
Cellulare: 339 7766963

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Oasi Zegna - Mountainbike Enduro


Oasi Zegna - Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Oasi Zegna Parco Avventura - Miniatura

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