The Biella Alps in Piedmont form a mountainous group located in the southeastern part of the Pennine Alps.
This mountain crown, with peaks of almost 2,000 meters, which borders the province of Biella to the north, is the result of a very long and complex geological history, which also saw the clash between two ancient continents (paleo-Africa and paleo-Europe) ) determining the Insubrica line, a geological fracture zone that crosses the entire Alpine arc.
To the north of the Insubrica line are the schist rocks of ancient Europe, ideal for large expanses of lawn, used as pastoralism; to the south, more compact and massive rocks of the Paleo-Africa on which thick woods have settled.
The landscapes and environments, present in this complex mountain area, are very varied:
* The slopes and meadows occupied by mountain pastures, ideal for livestock breeding
* the large forests
* The religious complexes that dot the Biella Alps around 1,000 meters a. s. l., often located in particular morphological situations, such as the glacial basin of Oropa or the tectonic bumps of the Sanctuary of Graglia, San Carlo and San Grato di Sordevolo
* The mountains of tourism, in winter and in summer, with the lifts that cross the Alta Valle di Oropa and Bielmonte.

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Our land

Alpi Biellesi tourist Consortium, just born from the development of Oasi Zegna Tourist Consortium, wich was formed in 2005 to  bring together all the tourist operators of Zegna Oasis and neighboring mountains.

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