Parco Avventura

In the Adventure Park Veglio you have fun, in total safety, passing from one tree to another thanks to suspended platforms, steel cables, Tibetan bridges, Tyrolean (pulleys), ropes and stairs, putting your balance and concentration to the test along with some exercise.
All routes are made wearing a PPE safety equipment, consisting of harness, ropes with carabiners (longe) and sink, pulley, gloves and helmet.

A network of paths through the trees with over 90 platforms suspended on 7 different routes. For children, a kids Camp area.

For the more daring even a Bungee Center with the possibility of jumping from 152 m.

A few meters from the Adventure Park Veglio you will find the new area equipped with public picnic, for barbecues in company! Access is free

Inside the Veglio Adventure Park, the Dahù Small Shop where to buy fresh drinks and coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, ready meals, typical products of the Biella area and various types of sweet and savory snacks.


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Parco Avventura Veglio

Parco Avventura
Strada Provinciale 105 Andorno-Mosso
13824 Veglio

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Open on Saturday from 14 o clock and on Sunday from 11 o clock

TWO DIFFERENT ITINERARIES: one for kids and one for adults

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