Santuario di San Giovanni Battista

The Sanctuary of San Giovanni Battista in Campiglia Cervo

The welcoming Baroque-style complex of the Sanctuary of San Giovanni in Campiglia – built at the beginning of the 17th century – is the heart of the Cervo Valley.

It is the only sanctuary in Italy dedicated to San Giovanni Battista.

In the church you can visit the cave which is the sacred chapel containing the wooden statue of the saint (16th century)

The church, with the altarpiece by Bernardino Galliari, the famous Campanun and the historical library can be visited on holidays from 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Next to the church, the Hosteria, the Hospice and the Collegio (now transformed into a bar restaurant, hostel and hotel)

The large courtyard in front traditionally houses the characteristic “Burnell” (fountain) dating back to the eighteenth century in granite from local quarries

Some rooms of the Sanctuary host temporary exhibitions in the summer


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Santuario San Giovanni d’Andorno

Frazione San Giovanni 8

13812 Campiglia Cervo (BI)

Santuario San Giovanni – Campiglia

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