Elvo beer brewery

The Birra Elvo Brewery was founded in 2013 in Graglia, a town renowned for one of the finest waters in the world with extremely light characteristics.

This precious ingredient is the basis in the production of bottom fermentation beers, which have now become a point of reference in the Italian and European panorama.

Award-winning in Italy and abroad, the Birra Elvo brewery produces many types of beers with a German character that refer to classic styles but with a “Biella” interpretation that enhances balance and drinkability.

In fact, great attention is paid to the choice and quality of raw materials and to the production times that are necessary for the development of the beers.

Among the most famous and appreciated productions we find Pils, Doppel Bock and Schwarz, real jewels of the house.

The brewery has 2 tasting sites:

  • in Graglia an internal taproom that in the summer months expands outside the green area in the beer garden with 120 seats
  • in Biella a proprietary Pub where you can also enjoy smoked and grilled meat specialties and homemade baked goods with the addition of specialties for vegetarians and vegans.



SERVIZI GENERALI: Accesso disabili, Dehors esterno, Punto panoramico.

LINGUA: Italiano – Inglese – Francese

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Birrificio Birra Elvo con taproom
Casale Gatto 12
13895 Graglia (Bi)

BBq Pub Birra Elvo
via San Filippo 17
13900 Biella

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Tel. 015 3702122

Lun – Ven: 10.00 – 18.00 solo x vendita diretta
Apertura Pub Sab – Dom: 10.00 – 22.00

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