Canyoning is the water sport of downhill walking along the waterways.

Ideal context for the practice of this sporting discipline is the Natural Park of Infernone which has its development along the Elvo stream in Sordevolo.

The water of the stream in its course has carved the rocks and lies in clear puddles, creating the ideal setting for natural slides and fantastic waterfalls.

The instructor Stefano Perrone, specialized mountain guide, has identified different routes in the Elvo river and offers to the visitors different experiences for difficulty level with 8 meters dives (not obligatory), tobogan with waterfall, caving drop, breathtaking descents (max 12 meters), pulley and dry slide.


Very active sport
With friends

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Parco dell’INFERNONE -Frazione Pera – Cascina Busachei – 13817 Sordevolo

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Parco dell’infernone

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