Beer In Brewery

The Beer In Brewery was born in Portula, in the province of Biella, close to the mountains of the Val Sessera and Zegna Oasis.

It is from these mountains that pours the water with which the brewery creates its own beers, absolutely unpasteurized therefore alive and in continuous evolution, produced without the addition of additives and preservatives.
All this, combined with the use of the best raw ingredients and the thirty years experience of brewmaster Gianni Mazza, gives these products a high quality and, above all, perceptible by anyone.

The Beer In philosophy is to propose some of the most famous beer styles in the world, re-proposing them with typically Italian flair and imagination, without ever distorting tradition. The results are unique beers that meet the tastes of the most demanding expert, but also win at those who approach for the first time a product of this type.

The styles produced: Pils, American Pale Ale, Dark Strong Belgian Ale, Porter, Hefe Weizen, Smoked Beer.

Their Rata Vuloira won the first prize in the category “Affumicate” at the beer contest of the year 2016 announced by Unionbirrai.
It is a Rauch Bier style beer at 5.3% alc / vol.
A low amber fermentation with a light and enveloping smoked body.
Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast

Dark amber color, limpid, white foam, fine, compact and persistent
Scents of smoked and yeast, toasted cereals, caramel
Smoked salmon canapés, wurstel, bacon, salted meat, legume and cereal soups, carbonara spaghetti, tasty cheeses

Recently it is possible to taste the wide range of Beer In all beers at
Mash Beer in Brew Pub
Via Orfanotrofio, 23, 13900 Biella – BI
a very welcoming place and an excellent meeting point for both lunch and dinner.



Birrificio Beer In
Frazione Chiesa, 31
Portula (BI)

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