Il Panificio Piantanida was born in 1962.

He has rehabilitated the culture of mother yeast, a mixture of flour only with water, left to rise for a long time.
The artisan activity is divided into multiple bakery products, from leavened products for breakfast to savory products for aperitifs and snacks, from cakes for tea to large leavened products for special occasions. Over time all the recipes have been personalized, making them original and unique, therefore of exclusive production.

The working method has been awarded with “L ‘Eccellenza Artigiana” because only quality flours and selected raw materials are used, with traditional methods and processing techniques according to the regulations of the Piedmont Region.


Hand-rolled breadsticks
Sticks as big as the little finger of the hand are covered with grated bread or semolina flour. They require a lot of manual skill because little dough is spread until it reaches the size of about 120 cm.

Natural sourdough durum wheat (mother yeast)
A mixture of water and flour was forgotten on the sidelines before being worked. The heat, the dust (perhaps on dirty hands), carrying microscopic mushrooms, ie yeasts, are deposited on the dough which fermented increased in volume. This pasta, once cooked, became light and very tasty for the baker’s delight.

Pan BARBARA ‘Biellese
This particular type of bread is prepared with the mother yeast.
Pan Barbarà, translated means impure bread; bread that is cut with a particular flour. It was made with corn flour or rye flour.
This bread is excellent to accompany cured meats or mountain cheeses, as dark rye is particularly suitable and pleasant


Panettone Artigianale and Colomba Artigianale made with 5 dough and 36 h of leavening
Polenta Imprisoned shortbread whipped with corn flour and sprinkled with granulated sugar
DolceBrama leavened dough with mother yeast and stuffed with apricots and Bramaterra wine
Panfruttini of different tastes: apples and raisins, pears and chocolate, chestnuts, coffee, figs and walnuts, candied oranges
Amaretti di Coggiola, Baci di Dama, shortbread biscuits, Canestrelli di Crevacuore, of Hallè Rosè, of Vaniglia, of Nocciola, and of Valsessera



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13863 Coggiola (Bi)

Gluten free laboratory:
via Roma, 7
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