Marchisio distillery

The Marchisio distillery has just started its activity.

On all the labels of the bottles appears the term “branda” which in Piedmontese dialect means “grappa”.

The idea of the distillery was born from the passion for grappas, trying to maintain the traditional method, with direct fire on the pomaces.

It is the oldest method but also the most delicate; it is in fact necessary to continuously monitor the fire so that it does not burn the pomaces, thus preventing them from losing all their aromas.

The grappas are produced with a small traditional copper still of 120 liters with the capacity to contain up to 55 kilos of pomaces, heated by a wood fire.

All grappas are subjected to double distillation.

For the production they use only exclusively single grape varieties from Piedmont and specifically from the area (from Biella and Vercelli but also from the Novara hills and from Monferrato).



Distilleria Marchisio

Distilleria Marchisio
Frazione Scaglia 1
13833 Portula (Bi)

Tel. 015 473605

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