Book your wellness path now
at Bucaneve Wellness in the Biella Alps
Live a relaxing and invigorating experience in the mountains
Come to Bielmonte to relax with friends at the Bucaneve Wellness.
Two days of total care and regeneration.
Face and body treatment with concentrated products of absolute quality from active detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients.
Cell regeneration, deep nourishment.
A complete Wellness path from which to emerge reborn and reinvigorated, with a new, toned and shining skin.

Regione Piemonte Oasi Zegna Comune di Piatto Comune di Rosazza Comune di Tavigliano Comune di Trivero Comune di Veglio

Who we are

The consortium aims to promote the territory of the Oasi Zegna and its products by encouraging the increase of tourism and the development of local activities.

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Consorzio Turistico Alpi Biellesi
Via Roma 99/100 – 13835 Trivero (BI)
Phone: 015 7591445
E-mail: info@alpibiellsei.eu