Gastronomic experiences

In our restaurants the seasons of the year mark the recipes with the genuine flavors of tradition.
But one dish of the Alps is always present in most of the menus of our restaurants: polenta as polenta concia, polenta and fricc del marghé (with eggs and cheese), polenta and scioet (typical ragù).
For spring our cooks indulge themselves in recipes or with the first seasonal vegetables but especially with wild grass meadows.

Agriturismo Ca’ nel bosco at Portula.
Tel: 349 8015473
Agriturismo Oro di Berta at Castagnea.
Tel: 015 756501
Ristorante Castagneto at Brughiera.
Tel: 015 7158175
Agriturismo Cascina il faggio at Brughiera.
Tel: 015 756613
Ristorante Al Centro at Trivero.
Tel: 015 756100
Agriturismo Cascina dei Prapien at Brughiera.
Tel: 015 756693
Birrificio Jeb at Trivero.
Tel: 015 756371
Locanda Argimonia at Bocchetto Luvera.
Tel: 349 7022351
Ristorante Chalet Bielmonte at Bielmonte.
Tel: 015 744126
Ristorante La Pineta at Bielmonte.
Tel: 015 744124
Rifugio Monte Marca at Bielmonte.
Tel: 015 744131
Locanda Bocchetto Sessera at Bocchetto Sessera
Tel: 015 744115
Ristorante Santuario San Giovanni at Campiglia
Tel: 015 60029
Ristorante La Bossola at Netro
Tel: 015 442291


Gastronomic experiences

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